There are many things we put off because they’re daunting, but a regular eye examination shouldn’t be one of them. After all, your vision is incredibly important. That’s why we offer a friendly and professional service that’s guaranteed to put you at ease.

Why should I have a regular eye examination?

Regular routine eye examinations are essential for maintaining your eye health and the detection of health conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. In fact, early detection of these conditions can also aid the effectiveness of their treatment and extend the health of your eyes.

Along with these, other health conditions that you may not realise you are suffering from, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, can also be detected through regular sight tests. So, if you’re over 40, have diabetes or a history of glaucoma in your family, we recommend you have your eyes tested regularly.

What will my eye examination involve?

Nothing scary, painful or obtrusive. As well as discussing any symptoms you might be experiencing, we’ll use our state of the art optical equipment to check your focusing ability, distance and near vision, central and peripheral vision and how effectively your eyes work together. Also, your eye health, the muscles attached to the outside of your eye and if necessary, the pressure in your eyes. Plus we’ll check to see if your existing prescription requires correction.

Don’t worry, you’ll only receive the most appropriate tests to check your vision and detect any eye conditions or health problems. This might involve 3D imaging scans, digital retinal photography or even field screening.

What happens next?

Our friendly optometrists will discuss your examination results and eye health, including any hereditary conditions, and advise you on the best course of action. They’ll also take into consideration your lifestyle, including hobbies and interests and whether you play sports, drive or work at a computer, to determine the most appropriate eyewear for you.

That wasn’t so scary, was it? Why not make an appointment for an eye examination by contacting your local branch?